emeraldbullet"I'm an advanced TradeStation®user and Dave has helped me automate three of my system's processes on TradeStation.®   He came highly recommended from my Broker, and I'm glad I went with him.  What you can expect is a direct communicator, who makes sure he understands first and communicates second.  His speedy replies, ways around unforseen hurdles, and insights to my project's requests were greatly appreciated. My project took seventeen revisions. With each step, Dave was focused on the task at hand, nimble to changes in specs, and never lost his enthusiasm and professional demeanor."
Framingham, MA  
(contact number available upon request)

emeraldbullet"Simply the Best! Dave did what everyone else said could not be done. He is amazing. My custom job was done on schedule and within budget.Truly, a great customer experience. I highly recommend Emerald Trading Technologies,Inc."
Victor Salamone
Holbrook, NY

emeraldbullet"I highly recommend Emerald Trading Technologies to any trader. They have been a pleasure to work with. It was carefully explained how the process worked in our first conversation and from that moment on I was extremely impressed with their professionalism. I am now on my 3rd project with them and cannot recommend them highly enough. There is no wasting of any time and they are always looking at better ways to keep costs down (which is always appreciated). The finished product has been nothin short of stellar. I will be working with them for a long time to come."
Jason F. - Dundee, Mi

emeraldbullet"Over the course of many years in several industries, and having worked my way up from janitor to Owner, Chairman, and CEO of many corporations, I have learned to recognize EXCELLENCE, and it’s value when I experience it.
I am happy to write to let you know that I was very happy when I found nothing but EXCELLENCE, Superb Professionalism, Knowledge, Counsel, and Integrity in all of my interactions with you and Emerald Technologies. Your service and advice are above and beyond the call of duty. The peace of mind I received from our relationship is priceless beyond any valuation.
Working with you has been the most satisfying and comprehensive experience in coding investment strategies it has been my pleasure to enjoy. You have been a selfless warrior while holding my hand and maintaining patience and tolerance doing what you did on your end to help me clarify, define, and refine the strategies and trade triggers I wanted to implement and customize into my style, preferences, and goals.
Your ability to back test, debug and fine-tune trade entry and exit points has been totally amazing and astonishing.
In fact, if it wasn’t for the addition of your intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the broker dealer system, the bugs in their system updates might never have been recognized and eliminated from interfering with my strategies. You went above and beyond the call of duty, and selflessly volunteered the time necessary to work with them to help identify and fix those bugs, recognizing that my code request and your work were not the problem, and that I could not have benefit of the work and product you were paid to make work for me, due to the software issues and bugs of the third party broker dealer.
The selfless work and expertise you provided in that situation actually helped that broker fix their issues thereby not only helping me get my final products, but also helped that broker and their other clients who experienced similar related issues to their strategies written by the programmers they hired. Without your expertise, the work of the other independent code developers wouldn’t have worked for their clients, so it all worked out, and everyone benefitted thanks solely to you.
Thank you very much for all you have done. My level of confidence and trust in you gives me great comfort, which I have had little of working with others before I came across you. The peace of mind is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your professionalism and business ethics. I always appreciate our time working together and look forward to doing it again. You are the Best in The Business. You are greatly appreciated. Anyone looking for help customizing their software strategies would be foolish to look anywhere else after finding you. I wish you and your company continued success. You certainly deserve it.
Feel free to share my endorsement with anyone requesting references.
Thanks again,"
Ed D. - Philadelphia, PA