TradeStation® EasyLanguage® Consulting, Coding, Apps

We offer an initial, no charge consultation with screen sharing session, if desired. (Up to one hour)


Coded in EasyLanguage®

First, we help you elucidate the rules for your strategy.  This means listening carefully and asking probing questions.  Transforming your ideas and patterns into rules is probably the hardest part of creating a coded strategy.  Dave is expert at guiding clients down this path. Only after the rules have been determined, do we let you know if, we think the project is doable and how long it might take to do it.  Basically the rules are the blueprint for building the house. Then, Dave turns your ideas into efficient code.  Yes, not all code is efficient and yes, it can affect your trading.  Read more.

Evaluate Apps

Understand a Strategy's Performance BEFORE You Subscribe

Let us say, you are interested in subscribing to a third party's strategy.  You would like to be able to analyze its performance: sort the wheat from the chaff.  Dave can perform this service for you and walk you through how it is done.  Read More


Fix your problems "live"

When your TradeStation® platform becomes so entangled you want to pull your hair out, when things don't work as you think they "should",  we can remotely take over your screen and talk you through all the steps to fix it.  We can also record the session for you and then, you can go over and over a process on your own time, learning as you go. We are there to give you confidence,

that you can play around with your TradeStation software and still reset to "zero". We use the reputable, professional software package "TeamViewer". it only works on your computer for the duration of the session. Read More

Risk Control

Take Advantage of Simulated Environment and Backtesting

Most of Emerald's TradingApp Store strategy products can be used in back-testing, smulated trading and full live trading.  This gives you the ability to safely verify if your strategy is working, as you expect, at both the back-testing and simulated trading levels before doing live trading.  Additionally  you can use our products while back-testing, thereby allowing strategy optimization. which is one of the most powerful features for developing strategies.  Read More


Making YOU a Developer

The TradingApp® Store sells two kinds of strategy products: Trading strategies that trade specific symbol(s) and strategy utilities.  Emerald does not sell trading strategies.  Rather we create products which allow you to modify when a trading strategy trades to enhance the strategy's performance or make it more convenient to use.  Emerald's products allow you to modify when a strategy trades without changing the strategy code, without knowing EasyLanguage®, without hiring a developer, and without having access to the underlying strategy code (i.e. black box). We offer free trial subscriptions and free support for our products.  Read More

Custom Tutoring

Individual and Group Instruction

Dave is skilled at instruction and making the complex understandable and straightforward.  Because of his rich experience in TradeStation® and EasyLanguage®, he can explain the nuances and impediments that many developers do not even know are there.  Read More

In a similar fashion to Apple's App Store and Google's Play Store, the TradingApp® Store allows developers to create Apps, both custom and off the shelf, for Traders. These Apps integrate seamlessly into your TradeStation Application enhancing your analysis and trading capabilities. Having spent 5 years on the TS support forum, Dave designs Apps to solve problems which were frequently encountered.

We offer a free trial period for our products and support is included in your subscription.


Add a filter or rule to your strategy

 - without knowing EasyLanguage®
 - without having the underlying code 
 - without hiring a developer

Bounded only by your imagination.


Universal Trailing Stop

The Universal Trailing Stop or UTS Strategy, exits either Long or Short positions when the trailing stop is touched or penetrated.  The UTS strategy can be used i back-testing, strategy optimizatio, and live-trading.

Daily Profit Target

Uniquely prevents automated entry/exit strategies from trading after a daily profit target is hit, WITHOUT requiring code changes to the entry/exit strategies. It exits any open position, Long or Short, and prevents trades for the rest of the day when the specified daily profit target is hit. 

Profit Protector

The ProfitProtector provides more protection than that offered by a Cloud Server against Internet & Power outages. Protects against software freeze/failure and Power/Internet Outages.

Daily Stop Loss

Prevents automated entry/exit strategies from trading after a Daily Stop Loss is hit, WITHOUT requiring code changes to the entry/exit strategies. The Daily Stop Loss strategy exits any open position, Long or Short, and prevents trades for the rest of the day when the specified Daily Stop Loss is hit. 


Create and change your own strategy rules without knowing EasyLanguage. Entry and Exit rules can be optimized as a unit.  Change the rules to a strategy to which you subscribe even when you don't have the code.